Visiting Hitachi Seaside Park, Nakaminato Fish Market, Mentai Park, Kairakuen Garden, Ushiku Daibutsu (Buddha) and Ami Premium Outlets

  • A short trip to Ibaraki with an overnight stay


depart: 08:00

Ueno Station

trainJR Super Express Hitachi 3 on Joban Line
Time: 1hour24min Fare: 3,820 yen ※You can use JR PASS!

arrive: 09:24

Katsuta Station

depart: 9:40

directions_busTake an Ibaraki Kotsu bus at Bus Stop No.2 at Katsuta Station East Exit(depart: 09:40)
Time: about 17min(depending on traffic) Fare: 400 yen one way

arrive: 9:57 Hitachi Seaside Park West Gate

Hitachi Seaside Park

Stay for 2hour20min

4.5 million nemophila plants blooming on a massive scale on the 3.5-ha hill are creating a fantasy world, which you can experience only there. After walking the hill, how about having a tea break at Kinen-no-mori Rest House? The nemophila season is late April to mid May. Riding the Seaside Train is a good way to go around the park. (A one-day ticket is 500 yen.)

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depart: 12:21 Hitachi Seaside Park West Gate

directions_busBack to Katsuta Station by bus

arrive: 12:40

Katsuta Station East Gate

depart: 13:17

train Take a train on Hitachinaka Seaside Railway Minato Line

arrive: 13:33

Nakaminato Station

depart: 13:34

directions_walka 10-minute walk or a 5-minute taxi ride

arrive: 13:43

Nakaminato Fish Market

Stay for 1hour15min

Try Japanese oysters or belt-conveyer sushi.

This fish market is well known as a place selling fresh fish at a very low price, so it attracts many visitors. Without buying fish, you can enjoy tasting fresh seafood dishes at restaurants including Kaiten-zushi restaurants, or conveyor belt sushi bars.

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depart: 14:30

directions_walka 10-min walk or a 5-minte taxi ride

arrive: 14:50

Naminato Station

depart: 15:00

directions_busTake an Ibaraki Kotsu bus bound for Aqua World
Time: 12min Fare: 310 yen(Or, a 8-minte taxi ride)

arrive: 15:12

Kosekiyamae Bus Stop

directions_walkwalk for a minute

arrive: 15:15

Mentai Park Oarai

Stay for 1hour

Sample freshly-made mentaiko. Try mentai soft ice cream.

Mentai Park is a compound facility which has a gallery and a souvenir shop run by Kanefuku. In a factory, you can watch the process of making Mentaiko (the marinated roe of Pollock) ,taste small piece of dishes with mentaiko and you can also buy a new-made Mentaiko at a reasonable price. We offer complimentary beverage and giveaways for the all visitors.

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depart: 16:20

directions_walkwalk for a minute

Kosekiyamae Bus Stop

depart: 16:24

directions_bus(Take an Ibaraki Kotsu bus bound for Nakaminato) Time: 2min Fare: 170 yen

arrive: 16:26 Oarai Hotel Mae Bus Stop (Stay at a hotel. After check-in, go for a walk.)

Kamiiso no Torii Gate

Kamiiso no Torii Gate is well known for its photogenic view of the rising sun and turbulent waves surging in from the ocean and smashing against the rocks. This gate stands on the reef stretching out in the east direction, which is said to be the god arrival spot. Lots of photographers flock here to take wonderful pictures.

Stay at a hotel or Japanese inn in the town of Oarai

Recommended hotels and inns in Oarai

  • Oarai Park Hotel
  • Oarai Hotel
  • Tobitaso
  • Oarai Yamaguchirou
  • Kobayashirou

Day 2

depart: 9:17

Oarai Hotel Mae Bus Stop

directions_bus Take an Ibaraki Kotsu bus for Mito Station.
Time: 33min Fare: 650 yen

arrive: 9:50

Mito Station

depart: 10:02

directions_busTake a Kantetsu bus for Kairakuen at Bus Stop No.6 at Mito Station North Exit
Time: 14min Fare: 240 yen

arrive: 10:16

Kairakuen Garden

Stay for 1hour15min

Kairakuen designed by Tokugawa Nariaki as “the place of recreation for the public” is one of the three great gardens in Japan along with Kenrokuen in Kanazawa and Kourakuen in Okayama. “Mito Plum Blossoms Festival” and other events attract lots of visitors. Seasonal beauty of flowers such as Kirishima azalea in early summer and bush clover in autumn is worth seeing.

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depart: 11:35

directions_busTake a Kantetu bus for Mito Station
Time: 14min Fare: 240 yen

arrive: 11:50

Mito Station

depart: 12:30

trainTake a JR train on Joban Line Time: 60min Fare: 1,144 yen

arrive: 13:25

Ushiku Station

depart: 13:50

directions_busTake a Kantetsu bus
Time: 30min Fare: 680yen

arrive: 14:20

Ushiku Daibutsu

Stay for 1hour15min

This Budda is 120 meters tall and is recorded as the tallest standing bronze statue in the world in the Guinness Book. Amidanyorai (Amitabha tathagata) has 12 lights of blessing and that’s why the statue is 120 meters tall. You can see the inside of the statue by riding an elevator.

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depart: 15:35

directions_buswalk for 15min or take a Kantetsu bus exclusively running on San. Sun. & national holidays

Time: 5min Fare: 170 yen

arrive: 16:00

Ami Premium Outlets

Stay for 2hours

On July of 2009, an outlet shopping mall was newly opened at Ami. There are 100 shops of domestic and overseas fine brands and you can be satisfied with a fine outlet shopping.

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depart: 18:50

directions_busTake a Kantetsu/JR bus
Time: 20min Fare: 520 yen

arrive: 19:10

Arakawaoki Station

depart: 19:17

trainTake a JR train on Joban Line
Time: 60min Fare: 970 yen

arrive: 20:21

Ueno Station



  • Please note that the timetables of trains and buses are subject to change.

  • During the Hitachi Seaside Park’s high seasons, the extra shuttle buses will run between Katsuta Station and the park.