first sunrise

Spots to see the first sunrise

 How about making a New Year resolution watching the first light of a new year rising from a  horizon.

Ibaraki has lots of great spots, such as 190m long coastline and Mt. Tsukuba where you can climb up to the top riding a ropeway or a cable car.

Why don’t you starting your new year in Ibaraki participating various events?

(expected time of sunrise is according to data in 2014)


Doyo-no-mori- fureai Park



Expected time of sunrise : 6:46

The multipurpose park is located on the highland akane-daira(altitude : 327 m

Many photographers who take scenary pictures around the year recommend this place as the best sport for a sunrise.

Watching the sun riding above a horizon is a real award to the eyes.

Some beverages will be served only during this period

(January 1st  6:00 – 10:00)at Shirika Lounge

coffee : 100yes   amazake(sweet fermented rice drink): 100 yen

Inquiry : Doyo-no-mori Fureai Park   Tel : 0293-42-3550


Izura Kaigan



Expected time of sunrise : 6:49

This coastline was loved by Okakura-tenshin.The sunrise above Itsuura Kanko Hotel, near R

okkakudo(hexagonal building) is so gorgeous!!


Kamine Park viewing platform




Expected time of sunrise : 6:47

The altitude of this park is 111m, and Mito-komon(feudal lord of Mito domain) praised it as the best place for watching a sunrise.

It’s popular since the sun rises between the townscape.


Kobochi Park



Expected time of sunrise : 6:49

From the top of the cliff, Hitachi Port in the south, and Kujihana-kita Seashore in the north can be seen.

A stretch of the Pacific Ocean lies in front of you.


Hitachi station building



Expected time of sunrise : 6:49

The view from JR Hitachi station which got a Good design award in 2012, is so beautiful.

The sunrise seen through the glass walls in the East walkway makes you feel like walking on the sea.

(the picture was taken by Jun Tazawa, Jesta)


Ajigaura seaside


Expected time of sunrise  :  6:49

 Hitachinaka Kaihin Railway “Sunrise train – Ajigaura express 2015 ” will be operated on January 1st, 2015. This train will be leave Katsuta station at 5:30, it will arrive Ajigaura station at 5:56. Passengers have the following privilegs – pocket warmer, dried sweet potato, free bathing ticket of Hotel New Hakuaki. In addition, “Lucky bag” will be presented to the first 300 passengers!!! Also, “Rapid train  Nakaminato-go-” will be operated, it will leave Katsuta station at 6:05, arrive Nakaminato station at 6:21.

Inquiry : Hitachinaka-Kaihin Railway


Hitraiso Seaside


Expected time of sunrise :  6:49

 The stratum of the Cretaceous period protrudes above the water in Hiraiso, Isozaki Seashore. You can enjoy the first sunrise of the year, while feeling ancient times of Japan.

The sunrise is so gorgeous that it will make you feel like praising with palms together.


Oarai Seacoast


expected time of sunrise  :  6:49

Free clam soup will be served to the first 400 people! This event will be start at 6:00 at Oarai Town Tourism Information Center. You can see wonderful first sunrise of the year while listening  Japanese-drum performance!

Inquiry : Oarai Tourism Association   TEL 029-266-0788


Oarai Sun-Beach Camping area


Expected time of sunrise :  6:49

 There is a large parking lot, so many visitors from other prefectures come to see the first sunrise of the year! It is the most popular site to see early-morning sunlight! Wide and clear coastline is spread in front of you. You can see the sunrise which rises above the horizon. It is so wonderful!!

You can make a reservation for camping during the New Year’s holiday. 

Ama-zake (sweet sake) and toshikoshi-soba (year-crossing noodles) will be served for free! 

Inquiry : NPO Oarai Umi-no Daigaku


Oarai Port


Expected time of sunrise  :  6:49

At Oarai Port, ferries come and go between Hollaodo and Ibaraki. If you’re lucky, you can see a ferry with the first light of the year!!

The first sunrise of the year cruise

 The ship will leave the Oarai port at 6:30, see the first sunrise of the year from the ship, return to port at 7:15.

Fees  Adult: 2,000 yen   Child: 1,000 yen [reservation is required.]


Ibaraki prefectural government office

    25th floor, observation deck [Mito]

Expected time of sunrise  6:47

 Ibaraki prefectural government’s office is the tallest building in Mito city. You can see early-morning sunlight while looking down on a town from the top floor. Also, it is famous as filming location for a movies and TV dramas. Please come to Ibaraki prefectural government’s building!

Observation deck is approx. 108 meters high.

It will open outside office hours just only on January 1st. (5:30 am – 8:00 pm)

Inquiry : Local administration section of general supervision department in Ibaraki prefectural office


Kashimanada Seaside Park


Expected time of sunrise :  6:47

 Total area of this park is 20ha! This park is located on a hill, so you can see sunrise from upland and  easy to access from Route 51.

Lucky-boxes, baked sweet potato, oden and so on will be sold from 5:30 am to 10:00 am.

Inquiry : Kahismanada seaside park administration office   TEL 0291-34-1010


Hasaki Seaside


Expected time of sunrise :  6:46

 Kamisu is located at the east-most of mainland. So, you can see the earliest sunrise at coastline of the mainland!

In addition, you can take a picture of sunrise with lighthouse of the other side. 


Top of the Mt.Tsukuba


Expected time of sunrise  : 6:45

 The object of worship of Mt. Tsukuba Shrine is enshrined in Mt. Nantai and Mt. Nyotai. Mt. Nyotai has the main shrine, and it’s the best site to see the first sunrise of the year!

Tsukubasan cable car & ropeway will be operated in the early morning on January 1st.

Operating time:   Cable car : 4:30 –    Ropeway : 5:00 –

A reprica of koban(an oval gold coin of Edo period) will be given to the first 500 people who get on the train at Miyawaki station or Tsutsujigaoka station.

Inquiry : Tsukuba Tourism Railway TEL 029-866-0611