Climbing Mt. Tsukuba

Mt. Tsukuba is sometimes considered equivalent to Mt. Fuji in saying ‘Mt. Fuji is in the West and Mt. Tsukuba in the East in Japan.’ It is also famous as the lowest mountain in 100 great mountains in Japan, suitable for enjoyable climbing.

To climb the mountain, adequate clothing, foot wear, plenty of water are necessary, of course.

There are several trails for established climbers and hiking courses for families.

Please enjoy climbing using cable cars and rope ways as well.



<Climbing Courses>

Miyukigahara Course


On the side of Mt. Nantai
Length : about 2.5 km
Height : about 610 m
Required time : up / 90 minutes down / 70 minutes

It’s from Tsukuba Shrine to the top of Mt. Nantai, climbing along the cable cars, and you can watch two cable cars go by each other. And you can have a precious experience of assuring the point of upper stream of Minanogawa River.
This course is with a high altitude and difficult.

Mukaeba Course


On the side of Mt. Nantai
Length : about 1.6 km
Altitude : about 190 m
Required time : up / 40 minutes
down / 35 minutes

It’s from Tsutsujigaoka to Sakamukaeba branch point.
From sakamukaeba branch point, you can join Shirakumo-bashi Course together and proceed to the top of Mt. Nyotai, or going down to Tsukuba Shrine through Tsutsujigaoka.
This course is rather easy with few rocks.

Shirakumobashi Course


On the side of Nyotaisan
Length : 2.8 km
Altitude : 610 m
Required time : up / 110 minutes
down / 95 minutes

It’s from Tsukuba Shrine to the top of Mt. Nyotai through Sakamukaeba branch point and Benkei-chaya-ato.
After fully enjoying the nature of Mt. Tsukuba to Benkei-chaya-ato, you’ll be surprised at big rocks and bazaar-shaped ones like Benkei-nanamodori, Takamagahara, and Tainai-kuguri.
This course makes you enjoy Mt. Tsukuba to the fullest.

Otatsu-ishi Course


On the side of Mt. Nyotai
Length : about 10 km
Altitude : 200 m
Required time : up / 40 minutes
down / 35 minutes

It’s a rather short course from Tsutsujigaoka to Benkei-chaya-ato, and from there you can climb to the top to Mt. Nyotai by Shirakumobashi Course.



On the side of Mt.Nantai
Length : 1.5 km
Altitude : 70 m
Required time : 60 minutes

It’s a course going round the top area of Mt. Nantai.
Since the Japanese beech forest is designated as a specially protected area of quasi-national park, this course is the best way to observe and enjoy the nature of Mt. Tsukuba.
From the observation deck on the way, you can get a panoramic view of Kanto Plain, and even TOKYO SKYTREE or Mt. Fuji on a clear day.



It’s from the top of Mt. Nantai – Miyukigahara – the top of Mt. Nyotai.
Length : about 550 m
Required time : It takes about 15 minutes each from Miyukigahara to the two tops.
This course is between the tops of two mountains, Mt. Nantai with the hight of 871 m, and Mt. Nyotai with the height of 877 m.
During the 15-minute walk, you can encounter azalea and dogtooth violet blooming in cluster.


Access to Mt. Tsukuba

By Tsukuba Express Train / Highway Express Bus

<To Tsukuba Station / Tsukuba Center Station>

   Tsukuba Express Train
Akihabara Station – Tsukuba Station(fastest / 45 minutes)

   Highway Express Bus

Tokyo Staion – Tsukuba Center Station (about 90 minutes)

Hanada Airport – Tsukuba Center Station (about 110 minutes)

Narita Airport – Tsukuba Center Station (about 100 minutes)

Ibaraki Airport – Tsukuba Center Station (about 60 minutes)

 <From Tsukuba Station / Tsukuba Center Station to Mt. Tsukuba>

     Nonstop bus to Mt. Tsukuba

     Tsukuba Station / Tsukuba Center – Numata (about 30 minutes)– Entrance of Tsukuba Shrine
      (about 10 minutes)- Tsutsujigaoka(15 minutes)

     Tsuku-bus Hokubu Shuttle Bus
       Tsukuba Station / Tsukuba Center – Approach to Mt. Tsukuba(about 35 minutes)

       ※It takes about 3 minutes to get to Numata Bus Stop 4.


By Train on JR Joban Line

  JR Joban Line
    Ueno Station – Tsuchiura Station(local : about 70 minutes / Express about 45 minutes
  Local bus
   Tsuchiura Station – Approach to Mt. Tsukuba(about 50 minutes)


By car

Tsuchiura IC on Joban Expressway – Route 125 – Prefectural road 14 – Prefectural road 42 (40 minutes)Sakuragawa IC on Kitakanto Expressway – Route 50 – Prefectural road 50 – Prefectural road 41 – head to Mt. Tsukuba