Firewalking Festival


On December 22nd, a firewalking festival is held every year at main

precincts of Kabasan Shrine and Kabasan Saenadumi Shrine wishing sound health.



Monks(Shugenja) and visitors walk on a pile of firewood which is still on fire

with bare feet.

With the ember hanging at an entrance of a house, it’s said the ember

brings you happiness, so many visitors want to have one.


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 period     December 22nd(winter solstice), 2014

                   before noon / hoshiyoke (a kind of ritual to ward off evil spirits)

                   afternoon  / hiwatarisai (firewalking festival)

 place     Kabasan Saenadumi Shrine

                            809 Nagaoka Makabe-machi, Sakuragawa, Ibaraki

 access   train ; 20-minutes’ taxi-drive from Iwase sta. on JR Mito Line.

                   car ;  planA / 40-minutes drive from Tsuchiura-kita IC on Joban EXPY

                            planB / 20-minutes drive from sakuragawa-chikusei-kita IC on

                                        Kitakanto EXPY

 inquiry    ○Kabasan Saenadumi Shrine TEL: 0296-55-1012

                   ○Business, commerce, industry and sight-seeing department at Makabe devision

                     of Sakuragawacity office TEL: 0296-55-1159