Ibaraki-Seoul(Inchon) regular flight starts

From July 31st(Tue),we will have a regular flight between Ibaraki and Korea(Seoul).
It has been about 7years since the first start of regular flight to Seoul.


Departure and Arrival Airport

Ibaraki-Seoul(Inchon International airport)

Operating Period

From July 31st, 2018
Date of flight: Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Flight Schedule


Departure time Arrival time
17:10 19:40


Departure time Arrival time
14:00 16:10

  • Local time. The flight schedule is changeable by the weather situation.
  • According to the airline company, it is a requirement to obtain permission from the appropriate country’s government.



Easter Jet

Aircraft type: B737-800(183-189seats,economy class only)