Sightseeing boat Hobiki-sen



The breathtaking scenery of Hobiki-sen making its way on the surface of the lake with a full wind in her white sail is really impressive. The gallant scene is one of the special feature of Kasumigaura.


In 1880, Hobiki-sen was devised as fishing sailboat with a net underneath to catch ice fish, by Ryohei Orimoto who lived in Kasumigaura. It was the rage at that time as epoch-making equipment for Kasumigaura fishery from 1880 to 1967.


Occasionally,  Hobiki-sen with a seven-rainbow-colored sail appear.


Hobiki-sen were replaced by fast trawl-boats

Around 1965, Hobiki-sen was disappeared in accordance with the spread of trawl-boats. However, Hobiki-sen revived in 1971 for sightseeing because they are important cultural heritage to know the history of Kasumigaura fishery. Now, they are in operation for sightseeing from summer to fall every year.


Visitors can’t get on board Hobiki-sen, however, visitors can see wonderful Hobiki-sen boarding a sightseeing boat and take pictures.

Kasumigaura sightseeing boats float on the lake in the areas of three cities of Tsuchiura, Kasumigaura and Namegata!

Please note that the following information including timetables is that of last year.  Upon this year’s schedule is fixed, it will be posted as soon as possible.



The city of Tsuchiura
Period From July 21st , holiday to October 19 th, Sunday
Operating days : every Saturday, Sunday and national holiday
Operational hours: from 13:00 to 17:00
* It is closed in case of calm or bad weather.
Place Lake Kasumigaura [around the Tsuchiura port ]
Landing place Tsuchiura port landing place
Address: 2-chome, Kawaguchi, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki, 300-0033
Boarding times Lacus marina Departure time 1:30 [White-Iris] , Time required approx. 30min.
Joyo Kanko Departure time 13:25 [Jetfoil TSUKUBA], Time required approx. 50 min.
Fare White Iris Adult [Junior high school student and over] 1,540 yen
Child [Elementary school student] 770 yen
Jetfoil TSUKUBA Adult [Junior high school student and over] 1,680 yen
Child [Elementary school student] 840 yen
Transportation [Car] Approx. 15 min. via Route 354 from Sakura-tsuchiura IC of Joban EXPY
Approx. 15 min. via Route 125 from Tsuchiura-kita IC of Joban EXPY
[Train] Approx. 55min. by rapid-transit train from Ueno station
Approx. 70 min. by local train from Ueno station → get off Tsuchiura station → approx. 10min. by walk from Tsuchiura station of JR Joban Line
Inquiry Joyo Kanko Inc. TEL: 029-823-9708 [FREE PARKING 23 cars]
Lacus marina Inc. TEL: 029-822-2437 [FREE PARKING 100 cars]
Tsuchiura City Tourist Association TEL: 029-824-2810
Tsuchiura City Tourism Information Center TEL: 029-821-4166


The city of Kasumigaura
Period From July 21st [Sun.] to November 30 [Sun.] Operating days : every Sunday
* August 3rd [Sun.], 10th [Sun.], 17th [Sun.], October 12nd [Sun.] are not operating
* August 16[Sat.] is joint operates with Tsuchiura City to held the Ayumi Festival.
* September 21st is joint operates with Namegata City and Tsuchiura City.
* It is closed in case of calm or bad weather.
Place Shitozaki Fishing Port
【search for “Ibarakiken Kasumigaurashi Saka 910-1 or Kasumigaura Suizokukan(aqualium)”】
Reception Ayumisaki Park Free Square
Departure Time From July to October 14:00 [Reception 13:00 – 13:00]
November 16:00 [Reception 15:00 – 15:30]
[consort ship]
Adult : 2,000 yen
Elementary school student and Junior high school student : 1,000 yen [Preschooler is FREE]
Transportation [Car] approx. 30 min. from Tsuchiura IC of Joban EXPY or Chiyoda-ishioka IC of Joban EXPY
approx. 1 hour from Itako IC of Higashi Kanto EXPY
Inquiry [Weekday] Kasumigaura City Tourist Association TEL: 029-897-1111 FAX: 029-897-1243
[Holiday] Ayumisaki Park Visitor Center TEL:029-840-9850


The city of Namegata
Period From September 6th [Sat.] to December 7th [Sun.] Operating days : every Saturday
* However,
Aso Hobiki-sen is operates only every Sunday in September.
It is operates every Saturday and Sunday from October.
Tamatsukuri Hobiki-sen is operates every Saturday and Sunday from September.
* It is closed in case of calm or bad weather.
Reception [Aso area] Tennouzaki Tourism Exchange Center “Koterasu”
Address: 419-1 Aso, Namegata, Ibaraki, 311-3832 TEL:0299-80-6622 080-1129-1190
[Tamatsukuri area]
Tourism and Products Center koi-koi Hobiki-sen office at roadside station “Tamatsukuri”
Address: 1963-5 Tamatsukuriko, Namegata City, Ibaraki, 311-3512
TEL: 0299-36-2781 080-1129-1190
Bording Time 1st  13:30  2nd  15:30  [the time   required : approx. 40min.] *Reception   opens at 10:00.
[consort ship]
Adult [High school student and older] 2,000 yen
Child[elementary school student and junior high school student] 1,000 yen
[FREE for elementary school student and under]
transportation [Aso area] the way to Tennouzaki Tourism Exchange Center “Koterasu” by car
Higashi Kanto EXPY
Itako IC → prefectural road Mito , Kamisu route ….. 15km 25min.
JR Kashima Line
Itako station → Route 51 → Route 355 ….12km 20min.
[Tamatsukuri area] the way to Tourism and Products Center koi-koi Hobiki-sen office at roadside station “Tamatsukuri”
Joban EXPY Tsuchiura IC → Route 354 →
via Kasumigaura big bridge… approx.25km , approx.40min.
Chiyodaishioka IC → Route 6 → Route 355 … approx.20km ,approx.35min.
* 20min. by taxi from Ibaraki Airport
To Ibaraki Airport From Higashi Kanto EXPY Itako IC via Route 355
approx..30km, approx.50min.
〈Bus〉Kasumigaura wide   area bus  Operating hours
Tsuchiura sta.
west entrance No.6
Roadside station
Roadside station
Tsuchiura sta.
west entrance No.6
Inquiry Namegata City Tourism Association
Address: 2564-10 Yamada, Namegata City, Ibaraki , 311-1704
Weekday: 0291-55-1221 FAX: 0291-35-3258
Holiday: 080-1129-1190 [Aso] 080-8731-1772[Tamatsukuri]