Strawberry Picking








Delicious Ibaraki’s strawberry




Though it is sweet and is delicious and brings up a strawberry by the climate with the moderate heat and cold difference of the night and day in the long daylight hours suitable for the cultivation of the strawberry, Ibaraki is the perfect ground. In addition, by a calm climate, it supports strawberry production that the temperature adjustment in the house is easy and annual production forehead inherits it in Tochigi and is the Kanto second place.









 You can enjoy fresh strawberry!

Ibaraki that can be called the little-known spot of the strawberry hunting spot. It is prosperous very much at the season of the strawberry in particular and the time of the enjoying ume blossom of Kairaku-en Garden piled up. It is Harada strawberry garden of Mito-shi to be recommended there! It is a farming family of the trust to continue with manure of the organic quality that selected carefully so that a strawberry grows deliciously. The person of the wheelchair can enjoy strawberry hunting here, too. When you come to enjoying ume blossom, please sense the taste of the strawberry bodily in Ibaraki!





An original kind of Ibaraki. A greatly long shape is a good point. A sugar content is high and is felt particularly indulgently because there is little acidity.




An original kind of Ibaraki. A sugar content is high, and sweetness and balance with the acidity are good, and the flavor of the strawberry is felt heavily, too. The form is slightly longish, and the rind of a fruit is shiny with dark red.









Kind born in Tochigi of East Japan share No. 1









A grain features greatly vivid crimson.

A sugar content is high with an average of 12-13 degrees








Taste is enough for the sweetness softly. Form features a slightly longish cone



 Why don’t you come and visit to Ibaraki? Please enjoy strawberry picking!!






Harada Strawberry Farm


2932, Kobuki, Mito, Ibaraki , 〒310-0914

Opening hours

9:30〜15:30  ※Opening period:early January to middle May [Open every day]


Adult [elementary school students and over] 800 yen – 1,400 yen

Child [3 years age and over] 500 yen – 1,000 yen

※All-you-can-eat [30 minutes]


25 cars


Approx. 15 minutes drive from Mito IC of Joban EXPWY by car


Tel. 029-241-5356

※Advance reservations are required for group or wheelchair user.