Ryujin Suspension Bridge Bungy Jump

平成25年11月 テストジャンプ風景
The thrill of a lifetime:
Ryujin Suspension Bridge
Bungy Jumping!
Location Ryujin Suspension Bridge
2133-6 Keganocho, Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture 313-0351
Pricing Pricing First jump: \16,000
Two jumps on the same day: \7000
Discounts are available for future bungee jumps at a later date or at other locations offered by the same company. See the website for more information.
More Information

Booking in advance is highly recommended. Book quickly and easily from the Bungy Japan homepage on the link below.

※Please make a reservation in advance.

Inquiries & Bookings

Bungy Japan Minakami Office
143 Obinata, Minakami Town, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture 379-1612
Tel. 0278-72-8133




Ryujin Suspension Bridge Bungy Jump


Road to Ryujin Bungee Jumping!

At 100m tall, Ryujin Suspension Bridge Bungy Jump is the 2nd highest bungy jump in Japan! Ryujin Suspension Bridge is a pedestrian only bridge which takes the shape of a dragon and is also the third longest bridge in Japan at 375m. Tens of thousands of people come to take in Japan’s four seasons in stunning 360°. Bungy jumping from the bridge itself is a unique experience offering those brave enough to try a feeling of accomplishment, invigoration and of course an unparalled adrenaline rush. Are you up to the challenge of Japan’s highest bungee? While most bungy jumps lower jumpers to the ground after the jump is completed, Ryujin Suspension Bridge Bungy Jump uses a winch system to hoist users back up to the bridge meaning all the more time to enjoy the ride!

Step 1: Book

First, book via the bungy jump website or by phone.

Step 2: On the Day

Arrive and complete registration at Ryujin Suspension Bridge at least half an hour before your booking.

Step 3: Weigh-in

Ryujin Bungy Jump has weight limits. Complete your weigh-in to check if you can jump (only bungee jump staff can see the results!)

Step 4: Terms & Conditions

Fill out the necessary information using an iPad. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5: Safety Procedures

Put on a safety harness. Put your valuables in a locker or ask someone to hold them while you jump.

Step 6: To the Jump Site!

It’s time to go to the jump location! With only a wire net below the jump site, you might find your legs a little relectant to move…

Step 7: Final Checks

Staff will check the safety harness around your torso and add another safety harness for the lower body.

Step 8: Instructions

Listen to instructions on how to remove the safety harness after you’ve completed your bungy jump.

Step 9: Check Again!

One last safety check before your jump!

Ready to go!

Staff will give you a countdown to jump.

Bungy jump 100m down into Ryujin Gorge.

After you’ve completed your jump you’ll be winched back up to Ryujin Suspension Bridge. Enjoy the view on the way up!

Commemorate your Jump

Staff will take a celebratory photo upon your safe return.

Completion Certificate!

You’ll get a special certificate for completing the bungy jump. This certificate also entitles you to discounts in nearby shops and restaurants!

Link: Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge (Ryujin-Gorge)