The most thrilling “Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge Bungee Jumping”!

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The most



The Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge Bungee Jumping has the highest grade as an all year round jumping site in Japan.
With a length of 375 meters, the bridge is the 3rd longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan following Mishima Sky Walk (Shizuoka Prefecture) and Kokonoe Yume Ooturibashi (Oita Prefecture). You can look down at the dragon-shaped dam lake from the bridge.
This suspension bridge has already become a very popular tourist attraction, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors every year to take in the breathtaking view of the surrounding valley.
From season to season the scenery changes, and bungee jumpers can enjoy the amazing landscape while diving at the surface of the lake below.
Even bungee jumping experts and crew members who both are familiar with the height say, “This bungee jumping is more thrilling than one can imagine.”
The Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge Bungee Jumping adopts a winch system.
Typically, bungee jumpers are lowered towards the ground after jumping.
But bungee jumpers here are pulled up onto the platform by the electric winch.
After jumping, you can share and enjoy the moving moments with your family and friends.



Place The Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge
2133-6 Kegano-cho, Hitachiota, Ibaraki 313-0351 JAPAN
Fee First Jump 15,000 yen
2nd Jump [same day] 7,000 yen
※Some discounts are available for participants:
・2nd Jump [another day after the first jump]
・Participant of another bungee jumping site operated by Bungy Japan For more details, please look at the website.
General Booking


※Preferably, please make a reservation in advance.

For Inquiry and Booking

Bungy Japan Minakami Office
143 Obinata, Minakami, Tone-gun, Gunma 379-161z Japan




Experience Report on Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge Bungee Jumping

Road to Ryujin Bungee Jumping!

Jumping off a bridge at a height of 100 meters, the highest in Japan, in operation by Bungy Japan is really scary! However, overcoming this scariness will be a remarkable experience to you. The event will bring you a feeling of accomplishment, or it will be an exhilarating experience and elation you have never felt before. Ryujin bungee jumping is really a challenge for you!! Since it is quite natural that you think bungee jumping is frightening, this briefing will be of great help. Jumping off from that height is hair-raising but amusing! This is a close watching report about what happens to a bungee jumper in a day!

STEP.1 Booking

You need to make a reservation online or on the phone in advance, while checking vacancy and your schedule!!

STEP.2 Reception

You need to come to the reception counter in front of the bridge and finish reporting, at least 30 minutes before the time of your turn.

STEP.3 Measuring

This bungee jumping has a weight limit! Your weight will be checked. No one but the staff can look at the figure.

STEP.4 Fill out the form

Using the iPad, you input necessary information! Please make sure the requirements and pledge, and then give your consent before jumping!!

STEP.5 Safety

You need to put on a safety harness here. Valuables including your mobile phone should be put into a locker or handed to your friends.

STEP.6 Walk toward the site

You walk toward the site for jumping! Now you are standing on the wire-net platform! Are you feeling weak-kneed?

STEP.7 Confirmation

You need to put on another safety gear on your ankles, and the staff will check if your safety harness is properly fixed.

STEP.8 Explanation

The instructor will explain how to unlock and release your safety gear after the jump!!

STEP.9 Confirmation again

Just before jumping, the state of your safety gear will be checked again. In a few minutes, you are bungee jumping!

READY… 3, 2, 1

You are ready on the jumping platform, and everyone around you are going to count down 3…2…1…

Let’s BUNGY!!

BUNGY JUMP!!! You are diving at the surface of the Ryujin dam lake, 100 meters below!!!

AFTER: Pulling up

You will be pulled up with the winch! Please enjoy a beautiful landscape while going up.

FUN: Memory

Photos for your souvenir have been taken by Bungy Japan crew! Take a pose on the site all together!

FINISH: Certificate

You will get a certificate as a bungee jumper. If you show the certificate, you can get special service at shops and facilities in the vicinity of the Ryujin gorge.

Link: Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge (Ryujin-Gorge)