Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Ibaraki is home to many natural tourist attractions that were created over the ages, from beaches and vast flatlands to mountains and lakes. Enjoy viewing the glory of nature in Ibaraki.

Fukuroda Falls

At 120 meters in height and 73 meters wide, Fukuroda Falls is one of the three most splendid waterfalls in Japan. You can view the falls up close from observation decks, and the surrounding foliage will also amaze you, especially in autumn. In the severe cold of winter, the falls ice over, creating a tranquil atmosphere. They are also becoming popular as a lovers’ sanctuary.

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Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge (Ryujin Gorge)

A dam creates a placid lake surrounded by mountains in Ryujin Gorge. The gorge features a 375-meter-long suspension bridge which is decorated with countless traditional carp streamers around Children’s Day in spring, in the hope that children will grow up to be healthy and strong. A 100-meter-high bungee jump from the bridge is another attraction here.

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Oarai Sun Beach

  The shallow sea surrounded by rocks at Oarai Beach makes for the perfect place for family visitors to spend their summer holidays. Naturally you can enjoy various kinds of marine sports here, and you can take wonderful photographs of a torii gate called Kamiiso-no-torii standing on a reef. The beach is barrier-free, and even wheelchair users can enjoy frolicking in the waves.

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Lake Kasumigaura

Kasumigaura City and other municipalities on the lake

Japan’s second largest lake, Kasumigaura is designated as one of Japan’s 100 most beautiful spots. It is popular for such activities as fishing, sailing, and riding water motorcycles, and you can cycle along the shores of the lake as well. Sightseers can also enjoy boarding excursion boats to see traditional sailing vessels called hobikisen plying the waters of the lake.

Mt. Tsukuba

Mt. Tsukuba, 877 meters high, is a symbol of Ibaraki, and mountain climbing can be enjoyed there throughout the year. For non-climbers, going to the top by cable car or ropeway is fun. Viewing the stars twinkling in the winter night sky is amazing. Halfway up the mountain stands Tsukubasan Shrine, which has a history of over 3,000 years.

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Hananuki Gorge

Hananuki Gorge features a series of waterfalls that cascade down into basins of various sizes. The gorge has a dam and streams, and along them there are walkways from which seasonal natural beauty can be enjoyed. The highlight is the view seen from a 60-meter-long suspension bridge. The colored leaves in mid-November draw a growing number of visitors from all over Japan.

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Lake Hinuma

Ibaraki Town and other municipalities on the lake

Even some endangered species of animal and plant life exist here peacefully in and around Lake Hinuma, a rare brackish lake where fresh water and seawater meet. Lake Hinuma is a popular spot for observing the sunset, and many people enjoy camping and fishing. Blooming here in June and July, over 10,000 hydrangeas add a cheerful note to Japan’s rainy season.