In tiny shops and spacious stores, you can find anything you want or need in Ibaraki, from brand-name goods to fresh agricultural and marine products and traditional craftworks.

Nakaminato Osakana Ichiba, a fish market (Located in Hitachinaka)

The Nakaminato Fish Market is a huge fish market near Hitachi Seaside Park. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes such as sushi or kaisendon (a bowl of rice topped with slices of raw fish) at reasonable prices. You can also eat fresh oysters or grilled fish on site, or purchase dried marine products as souvenirs.

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Ami Premium Outlet

Nearly 150 famous brands from both Japan and
overseas are sold at Ami Premium Outlets. You can get a good deal here every day. It is located near the Ushiku Daibutsu Buddha, another popular destination.

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Michi no Eki Roadside Rest Areas

Michi no eki stand along main routes all over Ibaraki. These rest areas sell local products, from fresh vegetables to handcrafts, at reasonable prices. You can find thoughtful souvenirs for your family and friends back home, and you can also take a rest or eat a snack or meal.

Miharashi-tei Gift Shop

Kairakuen Garden

Miharashi-tei Gift Shop is situated by the Higashimon Gate to Kairakuen Garden. You can find select souvenirs all made in Ibaraki, and the shop also provides tourist information, such as maps and leaflets.

Shopping Malls

There are several large shopping malls conveniently located near popular sightseeing spots. Take time out during your stay in Ibaraki and enjoy looking for a bargain perhaps.

Keisei Department Store

Mito City

This prestigious department store opened in Mito in 1946. Keisei Department Store carries famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, and sells quality clothing and daily necessities. Also, the restaurant arcade and food department offer a wide variety of delicacies.