Science Facility & Factory Tours

Science Facility & Factory Tours

With convenient transportation by land, sea, and air, Ibaraki is home to various kinds of factories and national science technology research facilities, and 25 of them are open to the public. In particular, the city of Tsukuba is a center of science research facilities, and nearly 20,000 researchers are engaged in top level research there.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) specializes in space development and research. In the exhibition hall you can see real-size satellites and rocket engine models. Guided tours in English are available by advance reservation. In the museum shop you can purchase special products used for life in space, including space food, which would make a nice souvenir to take back home.

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You can learn about things related to cutting-edge science technology and become more familiar with chemistry through the easy-to-understand exhibitions at the Tsukuba EXPO Center. There are models of research submarines to see, and there is a real-size model of an HI rocket on the grounds. You can also learn about the stars in the planetarium, one of the world’s largest, and in the science hall you can enjoy hands-on exhibitions.

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Tsukuba Science Tour

Tsukuba City

The Tsukuba Science Tour is a bus tour that goes around Tsukuba City, where 50 of the research facilities are open to the public. Since there are so many kinds of research facilities, you can surely get information about any field you might be interested in. Escorted and guided tours are available.

Cyberdyne Studio

Tsukuba City

Cyberdyne features state-of-the-art robot technology, and Cyberdyne Studio exhibits several robot suits and other items related to robot technology. For a fee, you can try on HAL, a robot suit. On a tour, before you try on the suit, you will be shown an original film in which the robot suit HAL appears on a 270-degree seamless screen.


Mentaiko is pollack roe flavored with original seasonings such as chili and other secret ingredients. At Kanefuku Mentai Park Oarai, you can sample freshly-made mentaiko and observe mentaiko being made in the factory. In the shop you can purchase products that are only available here.

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Ibaraki Asahi Brewery

Moriya City

The Asahi Brewery in Moriya provides guided tours that let you see how such Asahi beers as Asahi Super Dry are produced. Before the tour begins, you will see a promotional film, and after the tour you can drink three glasses of freshly-made beer or soft drinks. Japan’s first dry beer, Asahi Super Dry is very popular in Japan,

Japanese Sake Breweries

Blessed with the bounties of nature, Ibaraki boasts of having good water and excellent rice, and as a result every sake brewery in Ibaraki produces sake with its own distinctive taste. There are about 40 sake breweries in Ibaraki, the most for a prefecture in the Kanto region.

Yakult Factory

Goka Town

 The world-famous probiotic dairy product Yakult is produced in this factory. You can watch the entire production process up close on a factory tour, and during the tour you can sample healthy, freshly-made Yakult products and drinks.